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Week 13 Reading Notes: Bala-asana

 Bala-asana Characters: Markandeya "sage" saw Vishnu laying on a leaf as an infant Vishnu  (M)   "infant" Markandeya was sucked into his body Asana: Bala-asana "child pose" This is the simplest and most grounding of all asanas because it is super calming. If you have ever taken a yoga class before, you probably finished the class by resting in this pose for a few minutes to ease any strain in your muscles, especially your hips. It can also help release tension in the lower back, especially if you reach your arms forward; to get a deeper stretch you can wiggle your hands over the right side (hold for 30 seconds), then switch to the left side, with both palms pressing against the floor. There are many different variations for this asana, but Youtube has some great videos if you want to try it out! Important Phrases: Pralaya: when human beings die, the world experiences death "Everything that is broken down is eventually put together by the gods"

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