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Storybook Research Plan

Storybook Plan: YogaUseful Story Sources:- Yoga Mythology: 64 Asanas and Their Stories: Includes yoga stories associated with all the stories associated with the different asanas (positions)- Tantra Tradition in India: delves deeper into sexuality and mythology with intersections between Tantra and the storytelling traditions of the epics and more- Garuda: Wikipedia- Garuda Asana: WikipediaSecret of Tantra- Devdutt
Anthology: Asanas StoriesTo start, I have linked beginner asana's that have affiliations to common characters in this course; some videos to display each pose. 1. Hanuman Asana: Hanumanasana: Wikipedia

2. Vriksha Asana: The Mythology Behind Vrikshasana (Tree Pose): Yoga InternationalAssociated with Sita in the Ashoka Tree Grove on Lanka

3. Vishvamitra Asana: 4 Ways to Practice Visvamitrasana, Step by Step
Messages and Experiences for readers: I want to be able to emphasize how important yoga poses are for the body and how they intertwine with the stories that we read thro…

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